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Box Truck Dispatch Service

Sick and tired of struggling with paperwork and hunting for decent freight rates in between trips? Our box truck dispatch service will relieve you of all the common headaches truck drivers are forced to encounter daily. No more clashes with greedy brokers or deadhead trips! Even Miles Logistics box truck dispatch service will ensure that your box truck is always loaded and keeps generating profit for you instead of burning money as well as time and gas. You drive, we care!

Experts in Dispatching Box Trucks Help You Grow​

We know a lot about freight brokerage after over 10 years in the space. Owning or leasing a box truck can bring you benefits because it is easier to maneuver and uses less gas than a semi-truck. This makes it a great choice for local transportation.

Box Truck Dispatchers for Owner Operators & Fleet Owners

We know that only doing local deliveries and moves might not be enough for you to make money with your box truck. Sometimes there might not be enough demand in your area. But if you work with our box truck dispatch company, we can help you find long-distance trips and keep finding loads for you. This way, even if it’s a slow day, you can still make money. If you want to get more business, even on bad days, apply for our straight truck dispatch service.

Why Even Miles Logistics ​

“While box truck prices are quite affordable to start your own business and the operational costs are usually lower than expenditures associated with semi-trucks, you should keep in mind the tough competition on the market. This accessibility means many other truckers are eager to start their business and make money. Besides, box trucks cannot compete with semi-trailers in load capacity and cargo room flexibility, making many shippers give preference to the latter option and thus limit your earning opportunities. These are all reasons why it might be tricky to find dispatching companies for box trucks. Even Miles Logistics is happy to work with all non-local box truck owners and drivers of straight box trucks that have 26 ft or more in length and are equipped with a lift gate. We are professionals in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all the “back-office” aspects to us!”

Meaningful Negotiations

You can stay focused on driving and forget about making phone calls and writing emails since our dispatching services for box trucks cover communication with brokers and shippers. And thanks to the experience in brokerage most of our dispatchers have, they will squeeze as much as possible out of each opportunity in favor of your business.

We are pros in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all back-office aspects to us!

Your Dedicated Box Truck Dispatcher

You will get a personal assistant who will deliver 24/7 support for your business. Each dispatcher for box trucks is specifically trained to work with this type of equipment and, thus, knows all the ropes to anticipate an issue before it even pops up.

We are pros in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all back-office aspects to us!

Search For The Best Loads And Rates

Whether you are traveling from A to B to deliver cargo or having a rest after yet another trip, your assistant is always busy chasing the most profitable deals to keep your box truck loaded in the weeks to come. NJ or TX, NC or NY - for any place in the USA, your dispatcher has a good strategy.

We are pros in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all back-office aspects to us!

Goal-Oriented Approach

We start our partnership by learning your goals, preferences, and capacity so that we can map the best path to your success. Our experts will also audit your documents to ensure compliance with current regulations. Then right after that, Even Miles Logistics starts working on your business success! Furthermore, in the unlikely event that you dislike your dispatcher (sometimes people just don't work well together, and it's not either's fault), we have many dispatchers for box trucks and will be glad to switch you to another box truck dispatcher. No need to waste time - apply for box truck dispatch service now.

We are pros in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all back-office aspects to us!

Paperwork Service For Box Truck

Be it rate confirmations, insurance papers, invoices, or set-up packets, your dispatcher will handle each document professionally, without bothering you over trifles. Since we provide end-to-end dispatch box truck services, you just need to deliver cargo and check that your payment has already arrived.

We are pros in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all back-office aspects to us!

Frequently Asked Questions about Box Truck Dispatch Service

When signing up for a service, it’s normal to be worried about its quality and cost. Fortunately, we have nothing to hide regarding either. In fact, hiring a dispatcher will most likely end up in you saving more money, since you will have access to much better loads and a degree of financial protection from slow days unexpected events.

10% of your gross revenue.  That means $100 for a load worth $1000, etc. 

Even Miles Logistics is the best option as we provide better service for a more reasonable cost compared to other truck dispatch companies. Check out independent feedback and see for yourself.

It’s complicated, and sort of a trade secret as well. To start with, we have partnerships with many suppliers and brokers all around the USA, and thus can provide our customers with loads that don’t ever hit public load boards.

After you apply, a member of our Sales team will reach out to you right away, and if there are no issues with the application, you will be assigned a dispatcher, and they will start working with you right away.

No, we only make money with dispatchers’ fees, which depend on your loads’ prices. That’s really all there is to it.

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