Even Miles Logistics


Dry Van / Reefer

Dry vans and reefers are the most required truck types in the market. For a growing carrier company, the essential part is considered to have a guide in this rough market that allows you to grab the most profitable offer. Our dispatch service simplifies your work by keeping track of options across multiple loadboards to the max without you even leaving either the office or driver's seat.

Flat Bed/ Step Deck

Flatbed and step deck trucks require special attention and a deep understanding of the specifics. We understand this and our trucking dispatch services allow the driver to focus on ensuring the safety of cargo transportation. Any company that starts its way with such a complicated type of equipment should be aware of all obstacles that will occur. This is why Resolute brings a distinctive approach to any client and helps them to overcome all the possible issues. Moreover, our dispatch service has both knowledge and experience in obtaining all the necessary permits that have your company make money-flow increased by 20% up to 50% and even

Power Only

Power only is a good type of equipment to start your business with because numerous shippers are eager to find carriers with this option available. As long as Power only has its certain features, our dispatch team knows how to provide you with a decent service so that your profit is going to be equally rated to a Dry Van. We provide dispatch services for trucking companies and owner operators in the USA.


Hotshot is a less-than-load truck type and obviously, it requires both more attention and much stronger dispatch support than any other type of equipment. However, if you entrust your business to us, our qualified team will do its best to keep your truck working for your pocket.

Flat Bed/ Step Deck

Box truck is one of the most popular types of equipment in the trucking business. However, it's a time-devouring process to find a proper load that can bring you a desirable income. Having both knowledge and experience in the box-truck field, Resolute team can make your business journey easier and more profitable.